Brass Enterprises


Brass Enterprises is a privately held real estate investment company focused on the acquisition, renovation, and operation of
multi-family real estate in select markets throughout the U.S.


Since 2007, we have invested more than $2B dollars in more than 50 investments, comprising over 20,000 multi-family units located in high-growth U.S. and Canadian markets.


We pursue investments where capitalization of market trends can be realized, buying in high job and population growth markets. This, combined with our proven track record, yields strong returns for our investment partners.

ASSET management

We manage over $1 billion in real estate assets on behalf of institutional and high net-worth investors, family offices, and private individuals across the U.S.

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One firm. One mission.

For more than 45 years, we’ve developed long-standing working relationships, sophisticated underwriting procedures, and substantial real estate management experience in both the development and acquisition of multi-family projects in the United States. The quality of our investment team and its ability to forge long-lasting relationships with brokers, industry experts, and other real estate operators has earned us a reputation as a reliable “capital source of choice” with a strong record of performance.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to create and nurture multi-family real estate investment opportunities by generating solid cash flows, maintaining and upgrading properties, and accelerating their appreciation.
To maximize value by strategically acquiring multi-residential properties in key geographic areas.
Brass Enterprises’ Investment Strategy in acquiring these assets is three-fold:
  1. Identifying market trends
  2. Capitalizing on market trends while relying on stable cash flow
  3. Maximizing value of assets under management

Brass Enterprises targets an IRR in the range of 15-20%, with a proven track record of exceeding those expectations.

Brass Enterprises takes a focused and conservative approach to acquiring existing multi-residential properties and to a lesser extent development opportunities in key geographies.

The objective is to create investment opportunities and nurture them throughout the life of the venture. The aim is to generate solid cash flows on a monthly basis, while carefully maintaining and upgrading the properties, thus accelerating their appreciation.

Throughout the life of an investment, Brass Enterprises seeks to increase property value by tightening occupancy, improving energy efficiency, boosting ancillary revenues, upgrading units, creating economies of scale with its expenses and employing an effective capital structure. This is all with a strong focus of maximizing the net income of the property over the long term.

Brass Enterprises aims to maximize the value of real estate by applying its vertically integrated expertise across all disciplines – from sourcing, acquiring, maximizing value, and monetizing – all with its well-integrated, hands-on asset management team.

Brass Enterprises carefully scrutinizes opportunities to exit from each investment. A map of potential exit strategies is considered as part of the acquisition process.

Regularly, throughout the life of the investment, Brass Enterprises evaluates the relative merit of each strategy in order to determine if and when to exit an investment or to capitalize on its appreciation through a refinancing or partial sale.

We've partnered with some of the most notable firms in multi-family real estate including: