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Brass Enterprises capitalizes on the stabilization and growth of the U.S. residential real estate market, with a specific focus on multi-family real estate. We also seek out investments in the Canadian residential real estate market where we identify market dislocation or value add potential. Our objective is to create a robust portfolio that is diversified by geography within the multi-family real estate market. To achieve this, we endeavor to acquire both performing and underperforming properties by partnering with various financial groups.

Our Investment Strategy in acquiring these assets is three-fold:

Identify Market Trends

Brass Enterprises identifies key regions where industrial or commercial growth is occurring and further growth is expected. We focus on cities where a supply and demand imbalance exist. On a national level, there is a current shortage of multi-residential housing to meet the current demand, marked by low vacancy rates throughout the country.

Capitalize on market trends while relying on stable cash flow

After identifying suitable areas where growth in the targeted market is occurring and is anticipated to continue, Brass Enterprises employs its long-standing and well-developed approach of purchasing stable income-producing property. In this manner, Brass Enterprises is able to capitalize on the potential future gain from the market trends while benefiting from a return on investment via a stabilized cash flow from the inception of the project.

Maximize Value of Assets Under Management

Throughout the life of an investment, Brass Enterprises seeks to increase property value by tightening occupancy, improving energy efficiency, boosting ancillary revenues, upgrading units, creating economies of scale with its expenses and employing an effective capital structure. This is all with a strong focus of maximizing the net income of the property over the long term.


Phase 1

Your Investment

We have opportunities for you to invest in 150 to 500 unit multi-family properties with values in the $30 to $130 million range in high growth markets.

Phase 2

Our Optimization

We create investment opportunities and nurture them throughout the life of the venture, generating solid cash flow on a monthly basis, while carefully maintaining and/or upgrading the properties, thus accelerating their appreciation.

Phase 3

Progress Reported

We provide accurate and timely reports.

Phase 4

Gains Accrued

We target investments that yield upwards of 6% or higher cash-on-cash based on increased revenue and reduced expenses.

Our management team has extensive experience in all aspects of multifamily ownership including property acquisitions, design & construction oversight as well as operational expertise that ensures optimal performance at every site.
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In pursuit of the expansion of our portfolio, we strategically and selectively focus on three key investment types:


Our Core Strategy involves acquiring new developments, where risk is mitigated by painless due diligence, and the emphasis turns to branding, marketing, and maintaining the asset.  The aim is to generate solid monthly cash flows while constantly upgrading the properties, accelerating their appreciation in value.


Our Core+ strategy concentrates on acquiring relatively new properties with low vacancy and solid demographics in targeted geographic locations enjoying growth in population and employment. These recently constructed properties necessitate effective asset management to maximize their ROI.

Value Add

Our Value Add Strategy focuses on acquiring established properties in prime locations. We then employ thoughtful capital improvements, operational enhancements, and efficiencies, as well as expanding ancillary income to maximize the NOI and its competitive position in the submarket.