Brass Enterprises


President & Chairman

Ephry Merkur, Q.C., J.D., B.COMM., F.I.H.M.

Ephry is a veteran in the apartment business. In his 52 years of experience, he has developed, purchased, and operated over 30,000 apartments across North America. His vast experience in all cycles of the real estate market provides him with a unique vantage point. Ephry guides the entire team with his patriarchal wisdom, ensuring that all decisions are made with proper respect to historical data.


James Merkur, B. COMM., J.D., MBA

James is a veteran in the investment banking and equity placement world. He has held senior positions in Goldman Sachs, CIBC, and most recently, President of Intercap, an innovative merchant bank that invests primarily in growth companies and helps entrepreneurs build successful and enduring companies.

James has invested personally in more than 20 real estate properties with Brass and predecessor companies. His keen understanding of real estate investments as well as his international connections is instrumental to the ongoing growth of Brass Enterprises.


Sorelle Merkur Simmons, J.D., B.A. HON.

It demanded passion and vision to propel Brass Enterprises forward amidst the market turmoil of 2008. Sorelle Simmons asserted herself as a leader, leaving her successful career in litigation at Goodmans LLP and joining with her father and brother to form a tight, powerful team to pursue far more lucrative goals. Sorelle graduated with the Gold Medal from McGill University in Honours Economics. She then went on to Harvard Law School, where she graduated magna cum laude. Her connections with world-class business leaders and fund managers, fueled the acquisition of close to $400 million in real estate assets. Her ability to close deals swiftly and navigate carefully through complexities establishes Sorelle as a noteworthy CEO in her field.


Boruch Merkur

Boruch leads a select financial team of superlative analysts and accountants. Having mentored under his father, Ephry, and grandfather, Max, for decades, he now capitalizes on the balance of keen prudence in investment and bold vision.

Boruch forecasts strong areas of future growth and seizes opportunity. With annualized returns in realized profits in excess of 20%, Boruch drives for even further gains in property operations and returns in the years ahead.


Aryeh Berger

Aryeh spearheads the company’s acquisitions and dispositions, and oversees operations, formulating and implementing business plans for company assets. Aryeh analyzes micro and macro markets to  determine the optimum and most profitable time to buy and sell individual assets. The process involves negotiating with agents and prospective buyers, both on an on-market and off-market basis, to maximize returns on investments.

In addition to identifying, evaluating and structuring asset and portfolio investments, Aryeh oversees the due diligence process and business plan development for each property. He directs the transaction team in sourcing investment opportunities, investor communication, negotiating contracts, managing the due diligence process and closing transactions. Aryeh is also very involved in the Brass asset management program.


Jeff Lazar

Jeff brings to Brass Enterprises a combined 20 years of experience in both public and private industry accounting. As a controller for an international airline, Jeff was exposed to financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis as well as staff management. As a staff accountant for a public firm, Jeff specialized in small to medium sized corporate accounts, as well as audits and financial preparation in the not-for-profit sector.

At Brass Enterprises, Jeff is responsible for the review of financial statements, trust account reconciliations for new acquisitions, and day- to- day accounting functions. Jeff had the additional responsibility of quarterly statement preparation for several properties serving as a former private consultant for one of Canada’s largest Real Estate Investment Trust (owns, operates and develops commercial and residential properties across Canada & the United States).

Director, Tax

Robert Feldman

Robert Feldman serves as Brass Enterprises’ senior accountant and Tax Director. Robert puts his decades of financial experience to work in providing solid leadership for our accounting team, overseeing dozens of accounts and corporations. In asset management, Robert provides insight and guidance into creating cost budgets, monitoring and controlling. He is responsible for navigating the complexities of cash flow, as well as consolidating quarterly data for reporting to our syndications.

Robert’s background is rich and extensive, having experience in due diligence reviews and negotiation assistance for real estate investments and corporate mergers and acquisitions. He has helped companies restructure and advised in corporate strategic planning. Robert served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of an international business and as a Partner of a National Public Accounting firm. His extensive background in strategic planning and implementation, reporting and audit, and business management, combined with excellent business judgment and organizational skills, makes him an invaluable asset to Brass Enterprises.

Director, LEGAL

Gail Yefet, BA (Hons.), J.D.

Gail Yefet serves as Brass’ General Counsel, with overall responsibility for the firm’s legal affairs and management of outside counsel.  Specifically, drawing on her legal background, Ms. Yefet provides strategic advice to the executive team and manages communication and information flow. 

In addition, Ms. Yefet provides legal support with respect to fundraising, investor relations, and corporate governance and compliance matters.

Prior to joining Brass, Ms. Yefet worked in private practice for a notable boutique law firm in downtown Toronto.  Later, Ms. Yefet, joined a Toronto utility as in-house legal counsel, where she focused on employment, labour, commercial and business matters. 

Ms. Yefet received her Hons. B.A., cum laude, from York University and her J.D. from Windsor Law School.